GC Halo® coated filters are currently being produced by our manufacturing partners. Please contact us using the form below and we can put you in contact with a suitable supplier.

We do not sell GC Halo® directly to consumers. Therefore, look for the “GC Halo®” trademark or the GC logo on products.


If you are a manufacturer or retailer and interested in selling GC Halo® coated products, please get in touch, using the form below.


If you are interested in licensing the GC Halo® technology, we would be happy to talk with you. With agreed NDAs and Heads of Terms we can provide samples and support in the manufacturing process. Please contact us to discuss opportunities around licensing GC Halo® technology, using the form below.


We work with companies to explore the possibilities of incorporating our technology into existing products and collaborate in joint R&D projects. Please contact us, using the form below to explore these opportunities further.

We are here to help

Please contact us using the form if you are interested in knowing more about the GC Halo® technology.